How do I prepare for a Vibrosaun Session?

Prior to your appointment, ensure that you drink plenty of fluids (preferably filtered water or herbal tea) and have a light meal or snack about 1 hour before your session. Removing all make-up and personal care products just before your session will encourage the most effective detoxification through your skin – you don’t want to absorb any of the toxins from your skincare products.

You may wish to bring a comb and hair tie for longer hair. A selection of aromatherapy oils and towels are provided. You are welcome to bring your own relaxing CD to listen to while you are in the Vibrosaun unit.

Once you have had full instruction on what to do, you are left alone in complete privacy for your session.

It’s best not to plan a busy day after your Vibrosaun session to maximize the relaxing effects of this therapy.

What do I wear during the session?

Our Vibrosaun rooms are private, so most people enjoy the session without clothing. However, you may prefer to wear undergarments or workout attire if desired. You will sweat if you turn up the heat, so dress accordingly.